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Mitochondrial DNA test



A mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA test) is a genetic test that analyzes the DNA contained in mitochondria, the energy-producing structures within cells, which is passed down from mothers to their offspring. Unlike nuclear DNA, which comes from both parents and recombines each generation, mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother, unchanged, allowing it to provide information about maternal lineage. This test is used for a variety of purposes, including tracing maternal ancestry, understanding the geographical origins of the maternal lineage, and researching genealogical connections. It can also be applied in forensic science to identify remains by comparing the mtDNA profile with that of potential maternal relatives.


What should you expect?

You can schedule an appointment with DNAForce within 24 hours. At the clinic, the nurse will take a swab from the inner surface of the cheek of both the father and son, and send the samples to the laboratory for analysis. This painless process takes less than ten minutes. You may also choose to perform this test at home with a home DNA kit. At the laboratory, up to 15 DNA markers will be separated from the swabs and they will be analyzed and tested.


What does the report contain?

The report will be delivered to you by mail, email or fax, whichever way is convenient for you. It will contain identification of the participants, a list of tests performed and their results, and a sworn statement by a representative of DNAForce (if it is a legal test). The report will clearly indicate whether the participants are biological father and son.


Additional Information

Call: 1 800 830-6306


Tested Parties

2 or more individuals

DNA Test Fee

550 CAD +tax for two people for buccal swabs, other sample types variable - please inquire. Appointment fees of 100 CAD.

Results In

approximately 8-10 business days after sample receipt.