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Considering a DNA Test? Welcome to Clarity.


  • Paternity test

    Discover with 99.9% certainty the biological ties between father and child. Optionally, undergo the test under legal standards for court use.
  • Kinship Test

    Dive deep into familial relationships with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Identify maternity, avuncular ties, and more. Legal verification is available.
  • Prenatal paternity test

    Unveil paternity details before birth with 99.9% precision. Analyze fetal DNA and compare with the alleged father. Opt for legal standards if required.
  • Special or discreet samples

    Test unconventional DNA sources like hairs or tissues. Ideal for confidential inquiries and peace of mind.


How to do the test?

Choose one of the three following options:

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Option 1

In-clinic DNA collection

Prepay your DNA test online, and we will call you within 24 hours to arrange booking.


Come to your appointment at your preferred service location.See list of locations here.


The nurse will collect the saliva by swabbing the inside of the mouth.


The DNA of the samples will be analysed.


Obtain your results ! (by mail, email or both).

To start, call us at:

1 (800) 830-6306

or prepay online, and we will call you:

Option 2

Order a home swabbing kit

Order the home swabbing kit.


Collect your saliva, using the coton-tip applicators included in the kit.


Return your samples by mail to the lab.


The analyse will be done at the lab.


Obtain your results ! (by mail, email or both).

To Start:

Order the home swabbing kit

Option 3

Collect right away, then mail-in your samples


Use coton-tip applicators (mouth swabs, Q-tips, etc.)
(see examples of products).


Mail your samples to the address indicated in the guide.


The analysis will be done at the laboratory, after receipt of your samples.


Obtain your results ! (by mail, email or both)

To Start:

Print the guide, then collect your saliva right away


More than 150 service locations
Appointment required - Call us to obtain the full address


Why choose DNAForce logo DNAForce ?


The STR DNA tests that we propose (including the paternity test) are done in a laboratory accredited by ISO 17025. A copy of the accreditation certification is available upon request. A simple and painless mouth swab collection is sufficient to do a DNA test that will exclude paternity or prove paternity with an average accuracy greater than 99.9%. DNAForce strives to offer a professional and efficient service because we understand how important these results are to you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is the mother required?
For a DNA test between one alleged father and one child, the mother is not required.

About DNAForce
DNAForce is canadian owned and operated. DNAForce offers STR dna testing from an accredited laboratory. The testing laboratory has, for most tests, more than 20 years of experience and performs more than 10,000 tests annually. In addition, DNAForce is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company.
Click for the BBB Business Review of this DNA Testing in Toronto ON

What is the procedure?
It consist of collecting the saliva inside the mouth with cotton swabs. Alternatively, if saliva collection is not possible, special samples can be used.

Are the tests admissible in court?
A chain of custody can be produce for most DNA tests that we do. The cost is an additional 100 CAD +tax additional (except the prenatal test). For the prenatal test, the legal report is available for an additional 1795 CAD +tax.

How long for the results?
Paternity test: 8 business days.

Can I do the collection at home without ordering the kit?
Yes, it is possible if you have Q-Tips or cotton swabs and a printer. Print these instructions and return the samples by mail at the indicated address.

What is the minimal age for a child to do the test? There is no minimal age. The DNA test can be done as soon as the baby is born. In addition a prenatal paternity test is offered even before the baby is born.