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The Prenatal Paternity Test

Official test information and requirements



What is a prenatal paternity test?

The prenatal paternity test is a DNA test done to establish the paternity of an alleged father and an unborn child. The test is non-invasive, requires only a blood sample drawn from the arm of the pregnancy mother, and a mouth swab from the alleged father. The test can be done starting at the ninth week of pregnancy or more.

Is the test safe?

Since the test is done using blood drawn from the arm of the mother, it is very safe. There is no need to perform an amniocentesis to collect amniotic fluid for this test.

How to do the test

The test can done either via:

  • An appointment to one of our clinics
    • If you intend to come to one of our clinics, call us first to book an appointment. You can see the collection locations here : Locations.
  • With your family doctor using our prenatal collection kit.
    • You must first order a prenatal collection kit from us. We will mail the kit to your address. Simply bring the kit with you to your doctor and ask for a blood collection using the vials in the kit. Note that your doctor will not be able to collect the blood in the correct manner without our kit.

What is the price of the test?

Description Price

The standard prenatal paternity test
Includes the test fee, the collection fees and the results for 1 alleged father and 1 pregnant mother

$ 1795 CAD +tax CAD

If you want to test more than just 1 alleged father
the cost for each additional fathers will be:

+ $ 375 CAD +tax

If you want to receive legal paperwork so that the report can be used with the government or in a court of law:

+ $ 200 CAD +tax

How accurate are the results?

If the alleged father is in fact the biological father of the unborn child, the report will indicate that fact with a minimum accuracy of 99.9%. Alternatively if the results are negative, the indicated probability will be 0%. This is the same accuracy as a post-natal test.

How long does it take to get the results?

If everything goes well, you should have the results within less than 8 business days. In some cases delays can occur for the following reasons:

The quantity of fetal DNA varies during the DNA and from person to person. The quantity of fetal DNA in the blood sample will influence the analysis time.

  • If at the time the blood is taken you have a large quantity of fetal DNA in your blood, the results will likely take less than 8 business days.
  • If you had an average or a low amount, the results will take about 8 business days.
  • However, if you had very low quantity if may take a little bit longer.
  • In the worse possible case it is possible that there is so little fetal DNA that a recollecting is required. If this is the case, we will recollect your blood free of charge. A second collection is only needed in about 1 out of 50 cases.

How do I get the results?

We can send you the results by any method of your choice. We can mail them to you. We can fax or email them to you. We can give them to you over the phone. You can even elect to not receive any copy of the results at home for maximum privacy.

Our team of experts is available for you

We understand the importance of this test and we will make every effort to make this experience the best possible.