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DNAForce Announces Free DNA Testing for Parents of IVF Children From July 27 to July 31 at Downtown Toronto Office


Published: 27/06/2015

Toronto. Many people aren't aware that children of in-vitro fertilization are routinely denied entry into Canada or the US because they cannot prove a genetic link with the mother. Hoping to help offer a solution to this serious problem is Toronto's DNAForce, who today announced that from July 27th to July 31st they will be offering a free DNA test to parents with a fertility clinic receipt.

July 27, 2015

Parents with children of in-vitro fertilization often face unique challenges, some of which can arise unexpectedly. One, that can be very disruptive, is the fact that in a number of countries, including Canada and the United States, children of in-vitro fertilization can be denied citizenship or even entry into the country for failure to provide a DNA test proof of parentage. Stepping up to help solve this very serious problem for families in Canada is DNAForce Inc. Today, DNAForce announced they will be providing free DNA testing to parents of IVF children, who call in to schedule an appointment and are able to show a fertility clinic receipt. The appointments will offered between July 27th and July 31st at DNAForce's Downtown Toronto office.

“I was very surprised to learn that children conceived with IVF can be denied entry into Canada,” commented DNAForce. “We are offering free DNA testing to IVF parents in order to raise awareness of this important issue in Canada. I hope that many families can take advantage of this offer. Please share this information with any parent of IVF children that you know.”

According to DNAForce, having access to DNA testing results can help a family in a number of ways, including the following situations: if the either sperm or eggs were donated by a Canadian citizen, the child will be eligible for citizenship; Canadian couples, who go through the IVF procedure due to low fertility issues can prove that they are the biological parents of the child.

DNAForce is one of Canada's leading DNA testing companies, offering a wide range of DNA testing for parental and other types of relationship at very affordable price points.

For more information be sure to visit https://paternitytest.ca/article/ivf-children-denied-entry-dna-testing-negative.html.


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