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Navigating Paternity Testing After the Alleged Father's Passing: A Comprehensive Guide



The quest for clarity and truth is a natural human inclination, and when it comes to matters of paternity, it is no different. However, the situation becomes uniquely challenging when the alleged father has passed away. In such circumstances, individuals seeking paternity confirmation may wonder how to proceed efficiently and accurately. This article presents a comprehensive guide on what to do when you want a paternity test after the alleged father's demise, focusing on legal tests, alternative sample sources, and kinship testing.

Ensuring Speed and Accuracy

Paternity tests provide a vital means of establishing biological relationships, which is why both speed and accuracy are paramount. The process may vary depending on the location of the deceased, and there are different avenues to explore to obtain the needed samples and perform the test.

Legal Collection and Testing

If the body is still available at the funeral home, the preferred sample collection method is a few drops of blood from the finger. Despite the absence of blood pressure, skilled technicians can manually press against the skin to extract the necessary blood samples. DNAForce Inc. offers the requisite materials and expertise to facilitate this process in cooperation with funeral homes.

In legal paternity tests, the technician functions as the collector. Consent and authorization from the deceased's succession are mandatory, and all parties involved must sign the necessary documents. DNAForce requires essential information, including the funeral home's address and contact person, the names of the deceased and the child or children to be tested, and the name of the succession.

Appointments for legal sample collection can be scheduled at DNAForce clinics. Once all the samples are obtained – from both the children and the deceased – the paternity test is conducted, providing conclusive results.

Reasons for Legal Paternity Testing After Demise

Several compelling reasons may prompt individuals to pursue a legal paternity test even after the alleged father's passing:

1. Inheritance and Estate Matters: Determining paternity can have significant implications for inheritance and estate distribution, ensuring that legal rights and entitlements are upheld.

2. Social and Emotional Closure: For emotional closure and a sense of clarity, individuals may seek definitive answers regarding their biological relationships.

3. Medical History and Genetic Information: Establishing paternity can provide access to crucial medical history and genetic information that can impact the child's health and well-being.

Alternative Sample Sources and Kinship Testing

In cases where legal testing is not possible or necessary, alternative sample sources can be explored. Items such as hair, toothbrushes, blood stains, and more can be used for non-legal paternity testing. While this option provides insights into paternity, it is important to note that the results may not hold the same legal weight as a formal legal test.

Additionally, kinship testing offers an alternative approach. DNAForce's kinship test examines 100,000 SNP markers and provides 99% accuracy up to the fifth cousin level. This can be particularly useful when direct samples from the alleged father are not available.

Contact DNAForce Inc. to Begin

For those seeking clarity and resolution in matters of paternity, DNAForce Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services. To initiate the process, the first step involves contacting DNAForce and providing essential information. This includes details about the funeral home, the deceased, the children to be tested, and the succession.

Upon receiving this information, DNAForce will ship the required supplies to the funeral home for the collection of the deceased's samples. Subsequent steps include booking swabbing appointments for the children, ensuring a smooth and thorough testing process.


Navigating the path of paternity testing after the alleged father's passing requires careful consideration, collaboration with funeral homes, and the expertise of reputable organizations like DNAForce Inc. Whether through legal testing, alternative samples, or kinship analysis, individuals can find the answers they seek, fostering closure, clarity, and understanding in their pursuit of truth. Contact DNAForce Inc. today to embark on this important journey.