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Is it possible to do a DNA test for free?


Published: 27/01/2015

This is a frequently asked question that many of our clients ask over the phone. We understand that the cost can be significant for some people. Here are the facts:

  • The government does not pay for a DNA test for paternity as part of medicare or health Canada. The test itself is considered a legal expertise report, not a medical test.
  • Some provinces or states offer financial help for people who cannot afford a lawyer and payment of the DNA testing fees can be requested and is often granted. This will only be done if you are involved in a trail and the judge has ordered a DNA test.
  • Some companies might offer a free DNA testing kit, but the testing fees have to be paid when the kit is returned and before the results are issued.
  • There are no be-all end-all free DNA test for everyone and anyone that is available on the market today.

The price of DNA testing has gone down from 5000$ in the 1980s to less than 300$ today. This is a tremendous achievement. The prices of DNA testing at DNAForce went down from a high of 919$ five years ago to 245$ today. We work very hard to lower the price of DNA testing by improving the technology.

If you are concerned about your purchase appearing on your credit card statement, or that you do not wish to receive a kit at home for privacy reasons, you can do what we call a collect and send DNA test. Simply print these instructions then, using mouth swabs from home or from a pharmacy, collect the mouth of the participants, and send us the swabs. More information about DNA testing can be found on our home page.