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DNAForce Inc Launches South Africa Branch for Paternity DNA Testing Kits


DNAForce Inc, a leading provider of genetic testing solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its South Africa branch, offering comprehensive home DNA testing kits for paternity verification. With operations based in Johannesburg, the company aims to provide accurate and discreet solutions for individuals seeking to establish paternity through DNA testing. DNAForce's innovative approach allows customers to conveniently order testing kits online and have them delivered directly to their homes, offering a turnaround time of 2-3 days for kit delivery and an additional 2 days for test results.

The Convenience of Home DNA Testing Kits

As DNA testing technology advances, DNAForce Inc brings this revolutionary service to South Africa's doorstep. The company's new branch introduces the concept of home DNA testing, allowing customers to order testing kits online and receive them within a matter of days. The convenience of this approach is unparalleled, as it eliminates the need for time-consuming appointments at medical facilities. Customers can now take charge of their paternity testing process from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

The Process: Simple and Accurate

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. Upon receiving the testing kit, customers are provided with detailed instructions on how to collect DNA samples from the alleged father and the child or children in question. The collection process involves a simple mouth swab, which is painless and non-invasive. Once the samples are collected, they can be securely packaged and sent back to the lab for analysis using the pre-addressed return envelope included in the kit.

Swift and Reliable Results

One of the standout features of DNAForce's paternity testing service is its rapid turnaround time for results. After the lab receives the samples, the analysis typically takes around 2 days to be completed. This means that within just a few days of sending the samples back to the lab, customers can expect to receive their comprehensive paternity test results. The accuracy of these results is another hallmark of DNAForce's service, with a reported accuracy rate of 99.9% or higher.

Range of Sample Types

DNAForce Inc recognizes that there might be cases where traditional mouth swabs are not feasible due to various reasons. In such situations, the company accommodates customers by accepting a range of discrete sample types for analysis. These include hair, blood stains, toothbrushes, tissues, and more. This flexibility ensures that DNA testing can be conducted in a variety of scenarios while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Key Reasons for Paternity Testing

There are numerous situations where individuals might seek paternity testing services, and DNAForce Inc's offering caters to these diverse needs:

1. Legal and Personal Assurance: For legal purposes, paternity testing can be crucial in determining parental rights and responsibilities. Additionally, many individuals seek peace of mind through paternity tests, ensuring that the biological relationship between a father and child is accurately established.

2. Family Planning and Health: Paternity testing can also play a role in family planning and health history. Understanding genetic connections can provide valuable insights into potential health risks that might be hereditary.

3. Inheritance and Financial Planning: In cases of inheritance or financial planning, accurate paternity testing can help ensure that the right individuals receive their entitled benefits.

4. Emotional Closure and Identity: Some individuals use paternity tests to seek closure and answers regarding their biological origins, helping them understand their personal identity and history.

5. Custody and Support: Paternity tests can also be pivotal in custody and child support cases, ensuring that the appropriate arrangements are made for the well-being of the child involved.


DNAForce Inc's expansion to South Africa brings the power of modern DNA testing directly to customers' homes. The launch of the South Africa branch, operating from Johannesburg, offers a convenient and efficient solution for individuals seeking paternity testing services. With a seamless process, rapid results, and a high level of accuracy, DNAForce Inc is poised to become a trusted partner for those looking to establish paternity with confidence. Whether for legal, personal, or health reasons, the availability of discreet and reliable home DNA testing kits fills a vital need in South Africa's genetic testing landscape.