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Paternity test for Immigration
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What you need to know about DNA testing for Canadian Immigration


With almost 250,000 immigrants entering Canada each year, DNA testing for immigration purposes is becoming a more common procedure. At first glance, it might seem that these 2 things have nothing to do with each other. However, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

An immigration process is definitely a timely endeavor that requires a lot of attention, patience and most of all, paperwork! But all people come from absolutely different situations and backgrounds. Many run into issues of not having sufficient paperwork for themselves or their family members. Luckily, there is another option for verifying your identity as well as other family relationships.

This is when DNA testing comes in as a real solution that can prove lineage between you and your parents, siblings, children, etc. Some people do not even have valid birth certificates from their home country and for them, DNA testing is oftentimes the way to proceed with the immigration process and reuniting with loved ones.

How do I go about doing a test for immigration purposes?

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It’s important to understand that not every person immigrating to Canada needs to undergo a DNA test. This is only necessary for people who are missing certain paperwork (such as birth certificates) that the Canadian Government considers obligatory for the immigration process. This is also why only the Canadian Government can provide you with the request to have a DNA test done.

If you have applied for immigration to Canada (for yourself or a family member) and your application is incomplete, you will receive a letter from the Canadian Government stating that the applicant(s) need to have a DNA test done for identity verification purposes. You should contact an accredited DNA testing laboratory only if and when you receive this letter.

There are only a handful of laboratories accredited by the Canadian Government to perform DNA testing for immigration purposes. Therefore, you have to make sure that the company of your choice has that accreditation. Otherwise the results may be considered invalid and you might have to go through the process again, delaying the overall immigration procedure and paying more fees.

Once the accredited laboratory is contacted, they will ask you to provide a copy of the letter received from the government. If all participants of the test are in Canada, then they will be contacted to have an appointment arranged and have samples collected in Canada. If one of the applicants is in a different country, then the laboratory will contact the Canadian Embassy in that country. The Embassy will then get in touch with the applicant(s) and also arrange an appointment for them to have samples collected.

The laboratory can arrange DNA sample collection in most countries. If there is no consulate in a specific country, then a pre-approved private medical company can do the test.

Prices and Timeframes

Every situation is different and the cost for an immigration DNA test will vary based on the individual circumstances. However, considering the fact that the results of such a test may be the main defining factor in the successful outcome of an immigration application, the resources spent will be worth it in the long term.

The waiting time to get the appointments for sample collection will vary depending on the country where collection will be done, according to the scheduling and processing times of the local Canadian Embassy.

Once all appointments are done, typically, DNA testing results are available within 2 weeks of all samples being received at the testing laboratory. When results are ready, they will be sent to YOU first. If you agree with the results and approve proceeding further with the immigration application, then the results will be forwarded to the Canadian Government.


DNA testing for immigration purposes can prove to be an extremely important tool. While the results of such a test are accepted by the Canadian Government as part of an immigration procedure, it should be stated that the decision to be tested is yours alone. However note that failure to get tested following a request may negatively impact your request for immigration. You, as the applicant/client, must pay all the costs related to testing and the Canadian Government bears no responsibility for the test.

It is also important to understand that sometimes the results may show information, different than expected (i.e. the presumed father is not the biological father of the child). This is why the laboratory sends the results to the client first, for confirmation and approval. If the test results are unexpected, you as the client are responsible for the costs incurred and any retesting costs that may follow.

Overall, immigration DNA testing is important and, in some cases, unavoidable. As complex as the details of the procedure might seem, rest assured that the laboratory will make all the necessary arrangements to accommodate each particular situation and assist you in this matter. Please contact us at 1 800 830-6306 for more information and to discuss how we can help you.