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Why is DNA Testing so Important?


Published: 23/05/2015

DNA testing plays an important role in research. It forms a core basis of other fields such as medicine, agriculture, genealogy, forensic science and more. The word 'DNA' stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is essential to the proper functioning of human cells. In fact, DNA is actually referred to as the blueprint or the foundation which holds the information required for encoding the proteins and other cell components. The importance of DNA testing can be understood from research, medical and judicial perspectives. Below is some of the information that will explain the importance of DNA testing.

Forensic Science

The result of a DNA test uniquely identifies an individual. As a result, there are many criminal cases that can be solved by placing the subject at the crime scene. First, forensic investigators get samples of blood, hair or tissue from the crime science. Secondly, laboratory technicians can easily verify the identity of the person who is involved in the crime. When presented in a court of law, the result of a DNA test is generally accepted as a fact. From that result, the judiciary and police system will rely on the credibility and power of DNA fingerprinting to obtain a verdict.

Applications of DNA in Agriculture

In agriculture, the use of DNA testing is also important. It is used as a tool to modify important varieties of crops. The genetic modification of crop varieties are carried out to make them more resistant to diseases and also to increase the crop yields. Not only that, the plant grows better, produce more yield or have better innate resistance to insects, etc. DNA testing and research is also used to improve the animal breeds. Because of this genetic technique, there is more production of plants variety.

Importance of Paternity Tests to Society

Aside from the above application of DNA in some fields, here are some of the uses of DNA and why it is very important especially for human beings:

  • Carrying out genetic research. This testing can be used to trace and identify ancestors. Similarly, the origins of your lost relatives can sometimes be determined using this DNA testing method. See what DNAForce offers in regards to ancestral DNA testing.
  • Most doctors will order this type of testing to check or screen potential the condition of a newborn baby.
  • DNA testing is a very useful to know if a person has a cancer or viruses in his or her body.
  • The origin of one particular specie will best be traced with the help of this testing. Most researchers and scientist use this method to study the origins of many species.
  • With this testing, the parents will know if they are the biological parents of the child and it helps solving legal cases. If you are interested in a paternity test, DNAForce offers paternity testing in Canada such as in Toronto.

DNA is one important components of life. The paternity test serves as the basis of important information about human beings.